Epilepsy You’re Not Alone: A Personal View on How to Cope with the Disorder (Third Edition)


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Living with epilepsy is not easy. It’s a constant struggle to manage the condition and live a normal life. Chillemi knows this firsthand, and she wants to help others facing the same challenges. In her book, epilepsy You’re Not Alone, Chillemi takes readers on an epic journey through the everyday challenges of living with epilepsy.

From retraining your mind to changing the way you think, Chillemi offers practical advice for coping with the condition and living a happy and productive life. What sets this book apart from other titles on the subject is the inclusion of over 30 real-life stories from people worldwide. These personal accounts provide hope and inspiration for those dealing with epilepsy, and they illustrate that it is possible to lead a fulfilling life despite the challenges.

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