Live Learn, and Be Happy with Epilepsy


“Life deals us many hard blows that we often don’t expect. I admire the fact that someone like Stacey Chillemi was thrown a curve ball that may have knocked many of us down to the point where many of us may not have wanted to get back up, but she did. It wasn’t easy but she possesses a determined spirit that won’t let her give up. For that reason, Stacey will go far and achieve whatever dreams she sets her mind to accomplish.” — Della Crews, Anchor/Talk Show Host, News 12, NJ

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The techniques in “Live, Learn and Be Happy with Epilepsy,” will help you build the inner power to do anything or become anything you want in life. The approaches in this book for dealing with epilepsy will enable you to reform a better direction in your everyday life.

This book will give you the strength, self-confidence, and knowledge you need to gain to overcome having epilepsy and begin living life to its fullest. One of the main goals of this book is to help you recognize that life has much to offer. Life does not have to stop just because you have epilepsy.

This book is to show you how to live with epilepsy, empowering you to take responsibility for your life and well-being. While seemingly revolutionary, the message is simple: It is important that people with epilepsy learn how to live with epilepsy and endure it.

If you do not learn how to deal with the obstacles that epilepsy imposes on you then you could end up destroying yourself emotionally and physically. One way to prevent this from happening is to develop a lifestyle that is suitable for your own needs. You need to be your own designer, creating pathways to a fulfilling future. This world has millions of opportunities just waiting for you to encounter. It does not matter what age you are. You can achieve anything you put your mind to even with epilepsy.

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