Today, Stacey Chillemi, author and founder of The Complete Herbal Guide, announced the release of an inspiring new book titled “Empower Yourself: Don’t Let Your Conditions Empower You.” The book is intended to give you a comprehensive, evidence-based, insightful, motivational, and inspiring playbook for empowering yourself… It also provides you with the tools and techniques to overcome the challenges you face caused by your conditions. “Empower Yourself and Not Let Your Conditions Empower You” will help you learn how to move forward in life to become happy and successful.

This book is unique and stands out from the rest because it focuses on a large audience of people like yourself who suffer from conditions and need empowerment in their lives to cope with the obstacles they face caused by their illness.

Empower Yourself! Don’t Let Your Condition Empower You is set to join this pantheon. This book uses the best tools, techniques, and strategies to guide people like yourself through the stressful, draining, stigmatized world of coping with medical conditions and not letting them interfere with your life.

Based on recent breakthroughs in evolutionary psychology, medical science, personal experience, and effective step-by-step guidance, Chillemi will show you exactly what you need to do to empower yourself and why you need it to overcome your condition. Then she will show you how to transform yourself into the person you always dreamt of becoming.

From understanding the key mental and physical lifestyle changes that matter to strategies for changing the way you think and feel about yourself and building inner strength, and determination to achieve all your goals in life and not let your condition interfere with your level of happiness and success that you are entitled to in this life.


Life deals us many hard blows that we often don’t expect. I admire the fact that someone like Stacey Chillemi was thrown a curveball that may have knocked many of us down to the point where many of us may not have wanted to get back up, but she did. It wasn’t easy, but she possesses a determined spirit that won’t let her give up. For that reason, Stacey will go far and achieve whatever dreams she sets her mind to accomplish. Della Crews Reporter — Editorial Review – Anchor / Talk Show Host /News 12 NJ, Review

“Thank you, Stacey Chillemi, for the wonderful message and growth you have added to my life from your book “Empower Yourself!” The empowerment message you have given me and so many others in this world is amazing from A-Z!

Empower Yourself! Don’t Let Your Condition Empower You is available on Amazon. Kindle users can access the book for free. This is a strategic move by Stacey to ensure that money does not become an obstacle between the people who need the book and the book itself.

About Stacey Chillemi

Stacey Chillemi is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker & coach. She is the founder of The Complete Herbal Guide, and she has empowered hundreds of thousands of people from countries worldwide through her books, websites, e-courses, educational videos, and live events.

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