I do believe that our ability to speak is a gift from God…it has the power to inspire or destroy.  The power of speech can fill our souls with faith, courage, wisdom, strength, and hope.  It causes us and the people around us to be well, hopeful, and energetic, and to cause laughter.  Our ability to speak brings happiness to others when the right words are spoken.

The simplest situations in life can make the biggest impact on our lives 

An ounce of gratitude can go a long way, and the stories which evolve from our humbleness that we choose to share with others can not only bring happiness but inspire others to live a life they always hoped and dreamed of living.

“Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” is an empowering, inspirational, and motivational read. Kristin S. Kaufman’s book, ” Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” provides readers with insights to better understand that everyone has the ability to teach others.  We are an example for each other.

In the author’s note

Kaufman says we do not get to choose much of what life hurls our way, yet we have a choice of how we respond. That our greatest insights happen when we live life in the present moment, and that we all are a part of integral and collective experience.

Kaufman explains how life’s most critical, life-changing lessons come from heartbreaking, toxic, and unimaginable experiences.

Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You is an eye-opener

In her book, “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” Kaufman provides the reader with great insight that helps us see life from a completely different perspective.

Her insight can help heal the soul and help someone reconstruct a life that is productive; a life that will not only bring happiness to your own life but to the lives of those around you.  This book provides productive stepping stones for future generations to follow.

The powerful insight in her book will impact your life forever. 

“Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” was a true eye-opener for me. In chapter 1, Kristin Kaufman opens up with a touching quote that says, “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”

This quote makes you stop and think.  As a parent, we are always trying to teach our children right and wrong, yet how much do they really retain.  It’s the character of the person that they absorb.

Characteristics such as honesty, loving, giving, improving people’s lives, and the ability to be hard-working.  These are some of the qualities that stick, and if you demonstrate negative traits in front of your children, there is a very good chance you will pass those negative traits to them.

She opens her world and lets you in  

Warm and engaging, Kaufman’s narrative writing style invites you inside her world by sharing touching moments from her own life journey. They include heartwarming stories with old friends and special moments with her father.  She also shares with readers how life was not always a bowl of cherries, how her amazing journey has taught her gratitude, and how to productively live life in the present moment.

In “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” Kristin S. Kaufman helps you understand through her knowledgeable words of wisdom how the link between the most simplistic moments in life have the biggest impact in our lives, causing us to see life from a new perspective and giving us the blessing of speech, so we can verbally share these stores with others by inspiring them to journey down a new road that may bring them happiness. A journey that they never thought was possible to feel.

Her book, “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” helps inspire, motivate, and teach you how to better your life.  Her stories help you realize when we encounter hardships in life, we shouldn’t drown in our sorrows, that we need to live in the moment, learn from the challenges we face, and use those life experiences to help others. She teaches you how to take a moment to reflect back on your life in order to understand who you are and how you became who you are; further teaching you how to become the person you always dreamed of being.

Unique insight from amazing stories that will capture your heart

Her teachings in the book give the reader a clear understanding to not get lost in life’s materialistic world, and that we need to focus on the present, and be thankful for the blessings around us.  Everything happens for a reason and sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most joyful and most meaningful.  Kaufman provides excellent guidance in her stupendous book, “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You.”

Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” is packed with admirable advice, tools, techniques, and strategies which teach readers how to improve their life mentally and spiritually.  This book gives the reader the ability to take control of their lives, so they can experience happiness and live a healthy and productive life.

Brilliant insight

In her book “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You,” she offers sound advice and brilliant insight on how to transform your life, bestowing the reader with a wide range of tools featured at the back of the book which is easy to incorporate into your life, so you are able to harness its incredible power of healing to achieve an optimal, happy, healthy, and productive life.

Throughout the book, Kristin Kaufman provides a vast array of techniques that help you acknowledge the vital importance of enjoying the simple things in life, explaining when your values are clear, the decisions in your life become a lot easier and you slowly begin to understand who you are as a person.

You cannot buy happiness

One important factor I acquired from reading this amazing book which is full of inspiring and meaningful stories, is that if you want to feel rich in life, think of all the things you cannot buy.

You’re never too old

The teachings in this book help you understand that you are never too old to make your dreams a reality.  One of the stories in her book found in chapter 11 called, “One More Race” opened my eyes and made me realize the value of life, and how the smallest things in life could be meaningful and bring so much happiness to someone whose life had become very limited.

I can go on and on but the only way you’ll be able to experience the wonders of this book is by reading it yourself.

The trick is how do we change our life? Where do you begin?  Kaufman teaches you in her book how to turn your life around with simple tips, tools, strategies, and techniques that are easy to incorporate into your life, and very self-rewarding.


Transformation can be your reality

She shows you how to transform your life as you read this astonishing life-changing book.

Her stories helped me realize that WE may not control our lives, but we control how we respond to the situation and we can make use of what we learned to help others.  We are all examples of the world around us. Our life stories can inspire and help others.

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are, you can transform your life. A life filled with happiness, a passion for life, and strong mental health.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in improving their life or just someone that wants to be touched by beautiful stores that carry meaningful purposes.

Kaufman’s book is excitingly packed with outstanding advice, tools, and techniques and I find “Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You” a rewarding, motivating, inspiring, and enjoyable read.

Book Information

Author: Kristin Kaufman

Website: www.kristinkaufman.com

Also available as a Hardcover, Ebook, kindle, ISBN-13: 978-1626346680, $22.95 184 pages

Where to Buy: https://squareup.com/market/kristin-kaufman

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